Truly Sports-minded inflatables
Because these tough, sporty inflatables are also smart and stylish, they’re a great choice as the tender to a larger boat, whether sailing yacht or power cruiser. From the smallest 275S up to the highly capable 380S, these boats handle easily and are designed for more serious work too.
So if you’re looking for a boat that’s easy to maneuver and will tackle family adventures with ease – towing donuts and other toys – yet be equally at home as a stable fishing, diving or work boat, then a YAM Sport is made for you.
	Overall Length : 3.39m
	Beam : 1.7m
	Max Persons : 5 
	Max Engine Power : 14.7kw / 20hp
	No Of Air Chambers : 3 + 1 (Floor + Keel)
	Stowed Dimensions : 127 x 72 x 38cm
	Floor Material/Type : Aluminium
	Hull Weight : 60kg
	Max Load Capacity : 750kg
	Max Tube Diameter : 43.5cm

Please allow 5-10 days for delivery

YAM 340 S Solid Floor Sports Tender