YAM Inflatables

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The YAM Inflatables – perfect companions for any scenario After more than twenty years of reliable and practical performance across Europe, Yamaha has decided to fully redesign the YAM inflatable boat range. While taking a sturdy, no-frills approach, we have created a clean and modern design with great features to offer high-quality inflatable boats at an affordable price. The YAM range offers a wide collection of great value-for-money inflatables. Strong and durable, yet light and easily foldable, their smooth design makes storing and carrying your inflatable boat a breeze. With over 20 years of experience and the signature approach of Yamaha offering the highest quality possible, our new YAM boats are built to support your days out on the water for a long time. These lightweight miracles not only provide heaps of joy and convenience for leisurely activities but are also perfectly suited for professional use, as well. Naturally, Yamaha has tested every YAM model extensively together with the relevant YAMAHA Outboard Motors and Electric Drives – to create the best possible package bound to win the hearts and minds of YAM owners around the world